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Hugo's iPhone X - Setting Up with Voice Over - iBT096

Hugo takes us on the journey of setting up his new iPhone X, and discovers the gestures needed now the home button is gone. 

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Letter To Tim Cook - iBT89

This is Audio Pizza’s open letter to Tim Cook podcast where we discuss the accessibility issues of MacOS, iOS, and the Apple Watch, and ask Tim to listen and react to the unique problems faced by the VoiceOver community.

Dear Tim,

Thank you, as a company, for realy being a pioneer in accessibility, but we would like you to bump it up a notch and make quality a high priority for the accessibility team.

So we had four issues we wanted you to take a look at under the mac. First, there’s the HTML5 rendering engine that we demonstrated in the MacOS app store where the navigation flow is completely broken, which is as if your mouse just jumped randomly all over the screen instead of where you moved it. Second, there is the responsiveness of the action item with the VO-spacebar to trigger buttons, which is as if your mouse button only worked some of the time.. Third, there’s the audio ducking where we loose the VO text to speech volume , which is as if your screen brightness just randomly went dim all day long. And fourth there is the drag and drop / finder issue where VO is reporting the wrong item under the VO cursor, which is as if your selection in the finder was the item next to the one you wanted.

Taken individually these bugs are serious. Taken together as a whole, they are critical. They have a direct impact on our productivity. We need these fixed. Please, Tim, make it so.

Under iOS we think you are doing a great job with accessibility. But some of the hardware choices you are making affect us more than you may think. There are bluetooth issues where we cannot control VoiceOver reliably with our keyboards. The lack of a headphone jack and the lag we see with your wireless solution fails us.. It’s as if every key you type takes seconds to appear on the screen. It affects our productivity to the point of making the device unusable. Please try this yourself, it’s easy to understand once you experience it. And finally under iOS consider taking the next step to being an advocate for accessibility. Require your developers to do the bare minimum to their apps if they want to be in the app store by requiring them to use Xcode’s accessibility tools to remove all warnings and properly label standard UI controls. It’s a small price to pay and it makes Apple look really really good as a leader of universal access. Not to mention, quality of the apps in the app store will improve as you educate developers. Since you will happily kill 32- bit apps, how about killing the poorly coded non-accessible apps as well.

And with WatchOS, we are just looking for improvements over time. We thank you for making nit accessible out of the box. We look forward to its future as improvements with both tactical feedback and text to speech evolve. We are very excited about the direction you are taking the Apple Watch.

We respect Apple as a company; we respect you as a person. You are both leaders in universal access and accessibility. We hope you listen to this podcast and reflect upon the management and design decisions you make and how they impact all your users.

Thank you Tim, and I’ll be happy to demonstrate that walking chocolate tour using voiceover for you anytime.

Sincerely, Scott, Shaun and Garth

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Getting Your Ears on the AirPods, a Voice Over User's Perspective - AP003 iBT078

In this episode, I take a look at Apple's new AirPods, their features and usability with Voice Over. Enjoy!

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PCalc: A Powerfull and Accessible Calculator App for iPhone & Apple Watch - iBT 69

This episode is a look at the iOS App PCalc. It is a wonderfully accessible, powerful and efficient calculator for your iOS device that not only presents a full featured app but also an interface in your notification centre and on the Apple Watch. The app store description of the full version is below, however a free lite version is also available. Try the free version from which you can update just the specific components you need, or grab the full version of the app.

App Store Description

PCalc is the powerful choice for scientists, engineers, students, programmers, or indeed anybody looking for a feature rich calculator. It includes an optional RPN mode and multi-line display, a choice of button layouts, an extensive set of unit conversions and constants, a paper tape, multiple undo and redo, engineering and scientific notation, as well as support for hexadecimal, octal, and binary calculations. Includes an Apple Watch app, so you can calculate on your wrist!

The developer James Thomson has done a fantastic job with the usability of the app and has also recently brought it to the Apple TV.

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LetterPad - iBT 67

LetterPad is a free and accessible iOS word game that offers an Apple Watch app.

App Store Description

LetterPad gives you 9 letters. Your task? Find the hidden words relating to the puzzle topic! * Work your way through over 200 puzzles * Create and share your own puzzles to stump your friends * New community made puzzles added regularly * Apple Watch support lets you play right on your wrist!

Click here to learn more and download the app.

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Aussie Mac Zone - iBT 66

This is an episode of the Aussie Mac Zone podcast which I regularly participate in. It is a weekly news show, and covers mainstream Apple stories from an Aussie point of view. If you’re interested in subscribing click here

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Alexa - iBT 64

We want to tell you about a petite young lady, Alexa, who recently came ashore at Kayaker’s Cove. You may have heard the Echo of her voice already. However, if you’re still on the fence, and not sure if you should invite her in to your own life, take a listen to Kayaker’s experiences.

Along with the device, Amazon makes available an iOS app. The app is not completely accessible however you can certainly use it to get your new Echo connected and ready to respond to your every whim, well at least some of them.

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Voice Dream Mail - iBT63

On this episode I take an introductory look at the iOS app Voice Dream Mail. This app is free and from within you can purchase a subscription to unlock further features. Read on to see what the developer has to say about the app…

App Store Description

Voice Dream Mail works by speech and touch, so you can efficiently go through your email inbox without having to use your eyes. How It Works The app reads your email out loud using text-to-speech. You control it using the entire screen of your iPhone or iPad as a touchpad. For example, swipe right anywhere to advance to the next email, and swipe down to trash. Why It's Efficient Once you learn the handful of gestures, you will be able to triage your inbox very quickly. You know what to do with most emails after hearing the sender and subject. Because all commands can interrupt reading, it only takes a few seconds to handle each email. Plus, you can gradually increase speech rate: most people can listen at a higher speed than they can read visually.

Check out the app on the App Store to learn more and download.

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Update For Shortcuts Keyboard - iBT 60 Followup

Following up on my demo of the Shortcuts Keyboard App the developer has offered to drop the price to free again on March 3. If you haven’t already taken the opportunity to pick up the app, then I recommend grabbing it. If 3 March 2015 is history when you’re reading this and the price is back to it’s normal price , then pick it up anyway, it’s worth it.

You can visit Shortcuts Keyboard on the App Store to find out more about the app and get the app.

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Feel Your Way with iFeelaGrams - iBT 61

I speak to Tom Dekker from iHabilitation Canada in this show. Tom tells us about the release of his latest tactile diagram book and gives us some insight on why he first started creating these fantastic resources for blind and low vision users of iOS devices. We also discuss the companion videos that have been created to use in conjunction with the book. The videos are freely available from Tom’s site by clicking here.

Other topics touched on in the show include The benefits of using the SpeedDots screen protectors, and Tom’s upcoming potential collaborations with Fedora Outlier and Blind Alive.

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Shortcuts Keyboard App - iBT 60

In this episode I take a look at the iOS app Shortcuts Keyboard.

An extremely useful third party keyboard for iOS 8.

App Store Description

Shortcuts Keyboard is a keyboard that allows you to add text based shortcuts to use in your favourite apps. It's great for quickly sharing an address of the party you're going to, your email address, and so much more! – Add your own text-based shortcuts – Works in your other apps such as Messages, email, and facebook messenger! Create shortcuts for quick access to sharing your email address, directions to your house, helpful information, or quick status updates such as, "Hey, I'm on my way, I'll be there soon!" or "There's a party tonight at 1 infinite loop around 7pm, think you can make it?"

Visit Shortcuts Keyboard on the App Store to read more and get the app.

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iTired - iBT 59

Welcome back to the iBlindTech Democast. The iOS app iTired is the subject of this episode. It’s a simple app which solves a simple yet annoying problem, simply and effectively.

App Store Description

Listen to audiobooks or podcasts in bed? Tired of waking up hours later and having to spend minutes to find out where you nodded off? iTired solves this problem by doing an alertness check every few minutes. If you don't respond, it stops playback and optionally rewinds to the time you were last alert. A simple solution to an annoying problem.

You can read the rest of the description and purchase iTired by clicking here.

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DoItWrite - iBT 55

Thanks to Hugo again on this episode of iBlindTech for his demo of the app DoItWrite.. The app is designed to help users of Voice Over learn to use the handwriting feature available under iOS 7. Many blind or vision impaired people have had little or no experience with standard handwriting and this app will help you improve your skills. The developer is Draconis Entertainment.

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Getting the Most from Your iTunes Account with Multiple Users - iBT 54

In this episode of iBT I take a look at how to configure your iPhone with multiple Apple IDs. This is particularly useful where you have multiple people in your family using iOS devices. In short, each Apple ID comes with the ability to make purchases in the app & iTunes stores and access to iCloud services such as iCloud backup and an iCloud email address. I suggest using one singular Apple ID to make purchases through the App & iTunes stores across your family.  Than setup separate Apple ID's for use with the iCloud services. By doing this you will be able to avoid purchasing the same apps and media multiple times in your family whilst each person retains there own backup and iCloud storage space amongst other iCloud services.

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Syncing Media To Your iOS Device - iBT 53

This episode of iBT takes a look at syncing different media types, such as music, books and photos between iTunes on your computer and your iOS device. I also discuss the differences between syncing, backing up and transferring purchases. I do this on a Mac however much will also hold true for Windows users. Thanks for downloading and listening to the show.

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Reminders and WWDC Look Back - iBT 52

In this episode of the iBlindTech Democast, I take a look at the builtin reminders app and go through some of the basics of using it. I show ow to create a New reminder, and show how to create different lists of reminders within the app amongst other things. I also share a recording myself and a few friends did post WWDC. I know this is a little late coming but in any case I hope you enjoy 
Once again, this episode of the iBlindTech Democast is brought to you by ProXPN. For 20% off your ProXPN subscription for the life of your account, use the code BLINDT when signing up at

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Voice Memos - iBT 51

In this episode of the iBlindTech Democast I take you through using the integrated Voice Memos app on the iPhone and iPod. This app doesn't appear on the iPad. The Voice Memos app allows you to make audio recordings on your phone.  It includes the ability to pause and resume the recording and trim the finished recording prior to sharing it. Hope you enjoy. 

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Taking Photos with the Camera App when your Blind or Low Vision - iBT 49

Todays episode of the  iBlindTech Democast  is a look at the camera app. I go through the controls and settings of the Camera, showing how to take pictures and videos. I also give a few hints on taking photos for OCR apps and demonstrate the basic video editing that can be done in the camera roll. Hope you enjoy.

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Earl App - iBT 48

This week I welcome Bill to the podcast to talk to us about this intuitive news reading app. He gives us a brief history of the development of the app and Angle LLC. We discuss the benefits and features along with what can be expected to be coming to Earl in the future. Bill also gives us some insight into the pricing structure for the Earl service subscription. You can try a fully functional version of the app out by downloading from the app store. The app is free to try at time of writing. This allows you to read three articles per day and this limitation is removed with a monthly or annual subscription.

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Big Browser - iBT 46

In this weeks episode of iBlindTech, I interview Ryan Honey from the Braille Institute of America.

He joins us to tell us about their Big Browser app for low vision users of the iPad.
Click here to grab it for free from the app store.

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