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following the Breadcrumbs, Decoding Cara Quinn - AP 2, iBT 76

Another slice of Audio Pizza is served up with the wonderful Cara Quinn joining us. her day time jobs include being an iOS developer, Model, and Musician, but what struck us most about Cara was her kindness and passion for making a difference in the world. We discuss the general topic of coding in Apple’s Xcode environment and more specifically her work with LookTell. We also talk about some of the well known email lists Cara owns such as Macvisionaries and viphone.

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Cara on,One Model Place




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project starfish and the Blindfold Racer Championship 2016 - iBT 74

It’s time again to meet with the folk from Project Starfish. You can listen to prior episodes I’ve done with them here if you’re not familiar with them. We catch up about some of what has happened since last we spoke and introduce a new promotion they have running with Blind Fold Games to introduce the Blindfold Racer Championship 2016. Please visit Blind Fold Games for more information. Get yourself signed up as soon as possible as the championship starts on October 1.

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Aussie Mac Zone - iBT 66

This is an episode of the Aussie Mac Zone podcast which I regularly participate in. It is a weekly news show, and covers mainstream Apple stories from an Aussie point of view. If you’re interested in subscribing click here

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Project Starfish - iBT 62

I had the pleasure of talking to Subs and Amanda from the Project Starfish team. This is the second time I’ve had the opportunity to interview them and both times I’ve been personally inspired by the project and members.

Project Starfish is an inclusive, professional, experiential, learning platform. And if you want to know what that means or how they help blind and vision impaired people gain the skills and experiences required for work in the contemporary business world, take a listen to the show.

Get in touch with the Project here..

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Feel Your Way with iFeelaGrams - iBT 61

I speak to Tom Dekker from iHabilitation Canada in this show. Tom tells us about the release of his latest tactile diagram book and gives us some insight on why he first started creating these fantastic resources for blind and low vision users of iOS devices. We also discuss the companion videos that have been created to use in conjunction with the book. The videos are freely available from Tom’s site by clicking here.

Other topics touched on in the show include The benefits of using the SpeedDots screen protectors, and Tom’s upcoming potential collaborations with Fedora Outlier and Blind Alive.

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Reminders and WWDC Look Back - iBT 52

In this episode of the iBlindTech Democast, I take a look at the builtin reminders app and go through some of the basics of using it. I show ow to create a New reminder, and show how to create different lists of reminders within the app amongst other things. I also share a recording myself and a few friends did post WWDC. I know this is a little late coming but in any case I hope you enjoy 
Once again, this episode of the iBlindTech Democast is brought to you by ProXPN. For 20% off your ProXPN subscription for the life of your account, use the code BLINDT when signing up at

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Thank-you & Predictions - iBT 50

Welcome to Episode 50 of the iBlindTech Democast. In this episode I say thank-you to all those who have supported the show and share some of the email I have received. I also introduce a sponsor to the show. ProXPN

We also spend sometime with Nelson, Hugo, Shaun, Eric and Justin as we discuss Apple's upcoming WWDC.

We share predictions and desires for the future of Apple's iOS & OSX Operating Systems.

ProXPNis a Virtual Private Network that will let you use the internet anonymously and without oversight. Click here And use the coupon code BLINDT to get 20% off your account for life. You can also call 1-888-721-1337 for assistance with setting up your account.

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Earl App - iBT 48

This week I welcome Bill to the podcast to talk to us about this intuitive news reading app. He gives us a brief history of the development of the app and Angle LLC. We discuss the benefits and features along with what can be expected to be coming to Earl in the future. Bill also gives us some insight into the pricing structure for the Earl service subscription. You can try a fully functional version of the app out by downloading from the app store. The app is free to try at time of writing. This allows you to read three articles per day and this limitation is removed with a monthly or annual subscription.

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Introducing CoolBlindTech and Jail Breaking - iBT 45

In this episode I introduce a new podcast I have been working on - Please check it out in iTunes or your favourite pod-catcher. I also interrupt the episode to remind people not to update their iOS devices to 6.13 if they are interested in jail breaking. This version of the OS fixes the exploits which enable you to jail break.

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