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Loopback, Accessible Cable Free Audio Routing for Your Mac - iBT 70

In this episode I introduce Rogue Amoeba's fantastic new software Loopback. It allows you to create virtual audio devices on your Mac, combining arbitrary audio sources. For example, you might want to create an audio device which combines the output of iTunes with the output of your mic, this virtual device can than be used as the audio input in applications like Skype. The app is fully accessible with VoiceOver, and a free trial version is available from Rogue Amoeba for download.

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Alexa - iBT 64

We want to tell you about a petite young lady, Alexa, who recently came ashore at Kayaker’s Cove. You may have heard the Echo of her voice already. However, if you’re still on the fence, and not sure if you should invite her in to your own life, take a listen to Kayaker’s experiences.

Along with the device, Amazon makes available an iOS app. The app is not completely accessible however you can certainly use it to get your new Echo connected and ready to respond to your every whim, well at least some of them.

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The Siri Voices for Voice Over - iBT 58

Hugo’s back with another jail break episode. He shows us iSounds and iFile. If you’ve ever wanted to use the new Siri voices for Voice Over, than this is the episode. Take a listen. 

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A Look at Finder on the Mac - iBT 57

On this episode I take a look at Finder on the Mac. I cover a number of the basic concepts such as copying and moving files, efficient system navigation, launching applications and some useful keystrokes. This is more of an introduction to OSX than an introduction to Voiceover. I hope you enjoy.

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Jail Breaking 7.04 - iBT 56

Hugo joins us again today to walk through jailbreaking iOS 7.04. With Apple’s latest beta release of iOS 7.1, it appears they have closed the exploits that allow this jailbreak. Also many of the problems that users were experiencing when this jailbreak was released have now been fixed. So if you’re considering a jailbreak, now’s the time to jump on it. 

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Getting the Most from Your iTunes Account with Multiple Users - iBT 54

In this episode of iBT I take a look at how to configure your iPhone with multiple Apple IDs. This is particularly useful where you have multiple people in your family using iOS devices. In short, each Apple ID comes with the ability to make purchases in the app & iTunes stores and access to iCloud services such as iCloud backup and an iCloud email address. I suggest using one singular Apple ID to make purchases through the App & iTunes stores across your family.  Than setup separate Apple ID's for use with the iCloud services. By doing this you will be able to avoid purchasing the same apps and media multiple times in your family whilst each person retains there own backup and iCloud storage space amongst other iCloud services.

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Syncing Media To Your iOS Device - iBT 53

This episode of iBT takes a look at syncing different media types, such as music, books and photos between iTunes on your computer and your iOS device. I also discuss the differences between syncing, backing up and transferring purchases. I do this on a Mac however much will also hold true for Windows users. Thanks for downloading and listening to the show.

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Voice Memos - iBT 51

In this episode of the iBlindTech Democast I take you through using the integrated Voice Memos app on the iPhone and iPod. This app doesn't appear on the iPad. The Voice Memos app allows you to make audio recordings on your phone.  It includes the ability to pause and resume the recording and trim the finished recording prior to sharing it. Hope you enjoy. 

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Taking Photos with the Camera App when your Blind or Low Vision - iBT 49

Todays episode of the  iBlindTech Democast  is a look at the camera app. I go through the controls and settings of the Camera, showing how to take pictures and videos. I also give a few hints on taking photos for OCR apps and demonstrate the basic video editing that can be done in the camera roll. Hope you enjoy.

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iOS Software Keyboard - iBT 41

This weeks episode is a look at number of the settings and options with the iOS software keyboard. I take a look at adding additional keyboards including the Emoji keyboard, adding shortcuts, splitting and merging the iPad keyboard, working with and dismissing auto-correction and various other settings. Hope yo enjoy.

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A Spotlight On Spotlight - iBT 39

Welcome to this weeks episode. I take a look at Spotlight on iOS. Spotlight lets you search a large variety of content on your device. I show how to optionally choose which content is displayed and in which order. I also show how you can find those lost apps and some of the other great features   of Spotlight. I hope you enjoy.

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The Home Screen - iBT 38


This weeks episode is a look at the apps I have on my home screens.  I take a quick look at how and why I organise them the way I do. I'd love to hear how you organise your apps as well. Please write to and let me know.


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Podcasting with Amadeus Pro - iBT 37

We leave iOS behind for the first time this week. I wanted to share a demo of Amadeus Pro on the mac. I walk through creating a podcast and editing it. I explain some of the basic concepts with the app and show you some of the preferences I change. I show the basics of editing and putting together a series of audio pieces with AP. I assume you have a basic knowledge of the Mac and cover a number of the keyboard shortcuts used with Amadeus Pro. Hope you enjoy. 

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