Star Reapers - iBT 72

A very different episode this time. I’ve recently undertaken the Audio Fundamentals course through The Cisco Academy for the Vision Impaired. I would highly recommend this course if you are at all interested in digital audio production. The course covers a range of topics from the basics of digital audio to working with the multi track digital audio workstation, Reaper.

While the course is taught on the Windows platform, as this is where Reaper is most accessible, Reaper is also available on the Mac. There is an Extension called OSARA which makes Reaper more accessible on both Windows and the Mac. Once again, the Windows version of the OSARA extension for Reaper, has had more development than the Mac version however it is certainly functional. Another extension for Reaper is SWS. Whilst the SWS extension doesn’t improve the accessibility of Reaper as such, it does improve the usability and functionality.

Thanks go to Joe DiNero, Lori Thompson and The Dark Kayaker for their assistance with my final project.

Click here to play Episode 72

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