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Episode 17 - Picker Items in Safari and Apps

In this episode I take a look at working with picker items in Safari and apps. I finish the show with a look at a table index.

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Episode 16 - Interview with Alberto Arreola 

In this Episode I have a chat to Alberto Arreola. Alberto runs the Accessible IOS, Accessible Mac and now the Accessible Android mailing lists. These are all google groups. We organised the chat to talk about Jail Breaking your iPhone however we cover a range of topics including, Andrioid accessibility,  Jail Break basics and jail break apps.  We close the episode with a chat about telco’s and Mac Books. So hold on for almost an hour of chat.

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Episode 15 - Searching For Text in Safari

In this episode I take a look at how to search for a specific word or text string on a webpage in Safari. This can be useful if you are looking for something on a large or busy page.

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Episode 14 - App Switcher and the Rotation Lock

Today I take a look at the App Switcher. I show how to use it to toggle on and of the rotation lock, use it to quickly switch apps and how to remove apps from it.

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Episode 13 - Swapping Typing Modes

In this episode I take a quick look at swapping between the two typing modes that are available in IOS. 

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Episode 12 - Selecting, Copying and Pasting Text

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Episode 11 - Folder Basics

In this episode I go through the basics of working with folders on iDevices. Walking through creating, adding apps and also how to delete folders.

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Episode 10 - Moving Apps

This episode gives some basic hints and tricks for moving apps around your home screens.

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Episode 9 - Switching Between Voices

This episode covers adding different voices and languages to the rotor. This allows you to easily switch between your favourites.  

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Episode 8 - Adding an email Account

This episode covers adding a gmail account directly to the iPhone. This is an extremely straight forward process. 

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Episode 7 - Adding and Deleting Contacts

This is a quick walk through of adding a test contact to my phone and then deleting the contact.

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Episode 6 - Gestures 201 iPad

This episode covers some iPad specific gestures including the multi tasking gestures which are done with four or five fingers. I then look at adding containers to the rotor and show some benefits of using them. The final part of the Democast is a hint for ensuring your swipes are correctly interpreted on the large screen of the iPad. 

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Episode 5 - Gestures 103

This Episode covers the double tap and hold pass through gesture. The two finger double tap and hold relabel gesture and the two finger triple tap to bring up the item chooser. I then look at the toggles accessed with multiple taps of three fingers and finish the episode with the pinch gesture.

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Episode 4 Gestures 102

This episode covers the two finger double tap to answer calls or play/pause audio, the two finger scrub gesture for navigating back and the various gestures done with three and four fingers.. 

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Episode 3 - Gestures 101

This Episode covers the basic gestures, including swiping, split tapping and the rotor.

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Episode 2 - Basic Orientation

Basic Orientation of an iPhone covering physical description, Home screen Layout and an introduction to the Phone App.

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Episode 1 - Democast Introduction

A brief introduction to the iBlindTech Democast and a huge thank-you to Nick Tann for the music. Check him out at

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