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Episode 33 - ViA App

This weeks episode of the iBlindTech Democast is an interview with Ryan Honey of the Brail institute of America. Ryan is the Director of Digital Services and has come on the show to tell us about the ViA app. He talks about the history of how the app came about and shares the circumstances of it's release. I hope you enjoy the show and check out the app. It's come along way since it's release and with user support can be come an excellent resource.  

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Episode 32 - Notifications

As the name suggests, this week's episode is a look at notifications on iOS. I go through some of the options which you can configure. I also take a look at setting up the iOS 6 feature, Do Not Disturb. Hope you enjoy.

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Episode 31 - Facebook

I welcome Hugo to the iBlindTech Democast again this week. He takes us through a look at using Facebook on your iOS device. He explains how he uses the app and shows us some of the main accessibility challenges. Overall though Hugo shows just how accessible Facebook is at the moment on iOS.

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Episode 30 - iMessages and Text Messages

This weeks episode is a look at iMessages and Text Messages. I hope you enjoy. 

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Episode 29 - My AT&T

This episode is a walk through of the app My AT&T. This app, for AT&T customers helps you view and manage your data usage and account details amongst other things. I was certainly not the best man for the job, having nothing what so ever to do with the US Telco AT&T, so welcome Hugo. On Hugo's first podcast on iBlindTech he takes us through the features and use of the app.

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Episode 28 - Pages Intro

This weeks episode is a look through Apples iOS app, Pages. I cover the basics of using the app. I Also show some of the accessibility issues and a work around. I hope you all enjoy this intro to Pages. 

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Episode 27 - Ariadne GPS

This week's episode is a quick look at the app Ariadne GPS. This is not your standard walk through of all the app features. Instead, this time I wanted  to show one of the use cases for the app. In other words, I wanted to show you why I find the app so valuable in my day to day life. The episode is a recording of myself using the app on my bus ride to work.  I hope you enjoy.

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Episode 26 - ABug and A Setup

This weeks episode takes a look at customising Voice Over on an iPad. I needed to do this because of the bug in iOS6 which can cause the loss of all Voice Over settings after performing a hard reboot. I had done this a number of times since updating to iOS 6 with no issues however when my iPad restarted with no Voice Over this time, I knew what the problem was. The one good thing is that it gave me the opportunity to do this podcast. I hope you find it helpful.

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Episode 25 - The On Screen Keyboard

This weeks episode is a look at some of the features of the On Screen keyboard.. I cover the alternative characters, deleting quickly and some of the settings available. I also look at adding other keyboards and shortcuts. I point out some of the benefits of iOS 6 for the keyboard. 

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Episode 24 - Downcast App

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Episode 23 - Using The Headset Remote Control

This weeks episode is a look at the things you can do with the remote control on the headphones included with your iPhone. I cover dealing with calls, Siri or voice control and the media controls. At the end of the episode I touch on how some other apps modify the headset controls.

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Episode 22 - Working With Scrubbers

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Episode 21 - The Apple Blue Tooth Keyboard

This weeks episode is a look at Apples BT Keyboard. I give a physical description, walk through of the available commands and features and finish by talking about how well the keyboard pairs with iOS devices. I covered most, if not all, the commands but please feel free to leave a comment below if you think of any I missed, there's bound to be one or two. I am planning to cover the specific keystrokes available when in editing mode in a future podcast as I only intended to touched briefly on these here. .

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Episode 20 - The App Store

In this weeks show I take a look at the App Store - searching, browsing, purchasing and updating. There's plenty of excellent apps out there, so it's time to get your wallet out or just pick up some freebies.

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Episode 19 - Making Ringtones

This is an episode I recorded quite some time ago however I hope you will still find it useful. It takes you through the making and syncing of a ringtone to your iPhone. The episode shows you how to take a track from your iTunes library and prepare it for use as a ringtone. There are a number of great applications for this however in this episode I show you how to do it just using iTunes.  

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Episode 18 - Navigation Options in Safari

This episode takes a look at the navigation options available in Safari. ,I first walk through how to add and remove different navigation options such as headings lists and landmarks to and from the rotor. I then have a quick look at the basics of how the Safari App is laid out.

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Episode 17 - Picker Items in Safari and Apps

In this episode I take a look at working with picker items in Safari and apps. I finish the show with a look at a table index.

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Episode 16 - Interview with Alberto Arreola 

In this Episode I have a chat to Alberto Arreola. Alberto runs the Accessible IOS, Accessible Mac and now the Accessible Android mailing lists. These are all google groups. We organised the chat to talk about Jail Breaking your iPhone however we cover a range of topics including, Andrioid accessibility,  Jail Break basics and jail break apps.  We close the episode with a chat about telco’s and Mac Books. So hold on for almost an hour of chat.

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Episode 15 - Searching For Text in Safari

In this episode I take a look at how to search for a specific word or text string on a webpage in Safari. This can be useful if you are looking for something on a large or busy page.

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Episode 14 - App Switcher and the Rotation Lock

Today I take a look at the App Switcher. I show how to use it to toggle on and of the rotation lock, use it to quickly switch apps and how to remove apps from it.

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