iBlindTech Democast


Earl App - iBT 48

This week I welcome Bill to the podcast to talk to us about this intuitive news reading app. He gives us a brief history of the development of the app and Angle LLC. We discuss the benefits and features along with what can be expected to be coming to Earl in the future. Bill also gives us some insight into the pricing structure for the Earl service subscription. You can try a fully functional version of the app out by downloading from the app store. The app is free to try at time of writing. This allows you to read three articles per day and this limitation is removed with a monthly or annual subscription.

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iFile for JailBroken Devices - iBT 47

Thanks to Hugo for this weeks episode on the app iFile. This app is for jailbroken devices and allows you to explore and work with the iOS file system. 

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Big Browser - iBT 46

In this weeks episode of iBlindTech, I interview Ryan Honey from the Braille Institute of America.

He joins us to tell us about their Big Browser app for low vision users of the iPad.
Click here to grab it for free from the app store.

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Introducing CoolBlindTech and Jail Breaking - iBT 45

In this episode I introduce a new podcast I have been working on - Please check it out in iTunes or your favourite pod-catcher. I also interrupt the episode to remind people not to update their iOS devices to 6.13 if they are interested in jail breaking. This version of the OS fixes the exploits which enable you to jail break.

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A Look at Robo-E - EP 44

This week I say thanks to Anonymouse for his look at the game Robo-E. It is available in the app store for about a dollar. Hope you all enjoy.   

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Looktell's VO Tutorial App - iBT 43

Thanks again to Hugo for his dedication. This week he brings us a demo of the new app from LookTell called VO Tutorial. This app takes you through some of the basics of using Voice over on your iOS device. Enjoy. 

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Bluetooth Devices - Ep 42

This week I welcome Nelson to the iBlindTech Democast. He demonstrates a number of BT devices, including a couple of headsets, a speaker dock and a car kit. Hope you enjoy. 

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iOS Software Keyboard - iBT 41

This weeks episode is a look at number of the settings and options with the iOS software keyboard. I take a look at adding additional keyboards including the Emoji keyboard, adding shortcuts, splitting and merging the iPad keyboard, working with and dismissing auto-correction and various other settings. Hope yo enjoy.

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VO Starter App - iBT 40

This weeks episode of the iBlindTech Democast is brought to us by Hugo. He gives us a look at the app BO Starter. This is a useful app if you are very new to iOS. Hope you all enjoy.

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A Spotlight On Spotlight - iBT 39

Welcome to this weeks episode. I take a look at Spotlight on iOS. Spotlight lets you search a large variety of content on your device. I show how to optionally choose which content is displayed and in which order. I also show how you can find those lost apps and some of the other great features   of Spotlight. I hope you enjoy.

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The Home Screen - iBT 38


This weeks episode is a look at the apps I have on my home screens.  I take a quick look at how and why I organise them the way I do. I'd love to hear how you organise your apps as well. Please write to and let me know.


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Podcasting with Amadeus Pro - iBT 37

We leave iOS behind for the first time this week. I wanted to share a demo of Amadeus Pro on the mac. I walk through creating a podcast and editing it. I explain some of the basic concepts with the app and show you some of the preferences I change. I show the basics of editing and putting together a series of audio pieces with AP. I assume you have a basic knowledge of the Mac and cover a number of the keyboard shortcuts used with Amadeus Pro. Hope you enjoy. 

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Episode 36 - Batteries & Screen Curtains

I take a look at the screen curtain in this weeks episode. I discuss the reasons you may wish to use it and describe how to toggle it on and off. I also discuss the impact of the screen curtain on battery life and general battery maintenance. Hope you all enjoy.

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Special Episode - Seasons Greetings

No Episode this week however I wanted to take the opportunity to thank each and every one of you for listening to the show. I have really enjoyed doing the podcast and am very grateful for the feedback I have received. If any of you need to contact me or have any questions, please don't hesitate to email me, or contact me on twitter, Skype, or Audio Boo. I am iBlindTech on all of these services. My very best wishes to you all and seasons  

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Episode 35 - Pandora

Thanks for tuning in again everyone and thanks again to Hugo for this weeks episode. He takes us through the Pandora app. Many of you will be familiar with the music streaming service but it is new to us here down under, so let me sit back with you and listen in.  

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Episode 34 - iPad Mini Unboxing

This weeks episode of the democast is an unboxing of the new iPad Mini. I walk through the initial setup and show just how easy iCloud makes it to restore your settings. Hope you enjoy.

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Episode 33 - ViA App

This weeks episode of the iBlindTech Democast is an interview with Ryan Honey of the Brail institute of America. Ryan is the Director of Digital Services and has come on the show to tell us about the ViA app. He talks about the history of how the app came about and shares the circumstances of it's release. I hope you enjoy the show and check out the app. It's come along way since it's release and with user support can be come an excellent resource.  

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Episode 32 - Notifications

As the name suggests, this week's episode is a look at notifications on iOS. I go through some of the options which you can configure. I also take a look at setting up the iOS 6 feature, Do Not Disturb. Hope you enjoy.

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Episode 31 - Facebook

I welcome Hugo to the iBlindTech Democast again this week. He takes us through a look at using Facebook on your iOS device. He explains how he uses the app and shows us some of the main accessibility challenges. Overall though Hugo shows just how accessible Facebook is at the moment on iOS.

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Episode 30 - iMessages and Text Messages

This weeks episode is a look at iMessages and Text Messages. I hope you enjoy. 

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