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This site is dedicated to helping you get the most out of your iPod, iPhone or iPad. You'll find audio demos to help with some of the most frequently asked questions and app reviews to get the most from your iDevice.

Apple have made the range of IOS devices accessible out of the box. One way they have done this is with the built in screen reader Voice Over. VO has been included with all IOS devices since iPhone 3GS. It has been making the iProducts a pleasure to use for many people who are blind and visually impaired ever since.

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App Reviews

I will occasionally post App Reviews on the podcast, so keep an ear out for these. If you have a question you would like me to help with, please feel free to email me [] or use the contact form.

Other Useful Links

There are a number of other wonderful resources on the net for working with the full range of Apple products. Below are a few.

How To Be Blind

Join Mike for discussions on accessible technology and reviews. On Mike's site you'll find a rapidly growing list of excellent podcasts. He also shares from his life experiences and would love you to get in on the discussion. If you're lucky, or as some might say, unlucky, you may hear me there as well. You can also check out Mike's Youtube channel by clicking here.


If it's information on a specific app for either your iDevice or Mac then AppleVis is the place to go. There's a podcast feed on which you will find a huge and expanding set of app reviews and how to episodes. You can join the forums and check the accessibility of an app before putting down your money.

Mac For The Blind

This is another excellent resource for users or potential users of Apple products and services. Whether it be a useful tip or a how to, for your Mac or iOS device than these resources might help.

Cool Blind Tech

This is the place to go if you want to look out side the Apple orchard. You'll find App reviews, Interviews and roundtable discussions on a variety of topics. Some of the content is on Apple products, however Windows, Android and other platforms are happily covered.